• Supporters of missing mom Michelle Parker's ex-fiance create Facebook page to raise money


    ORLANDO, Fla.,None - Missing mother Michelle Parker hasn't been seen in more than three weeks, and now supporters of her ex-fiance, the main suspect in her disappearance, have set up a Facebook page to raise money for him.

    Friends of Parker's ex-fiance, Dale Smith Jr., said he's been at home caring for the young children he has with Parker, and has not worked for two week. According to the Facebook page, titled Friends and supporters of Dale Smith, things are getting tight for Smith and friends are pitching in to help.

    To date, supporters on the Facebook page claim they have raised nearly $220, which is far less than what friends and family raised in their search for Parker over the weekend.

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    Parker's family held another fundraiser at The Barn in Sanford, aimed at raising more money for the search for the 33-year-old mother.

    "Every morning when I wake up I open my eyes, I look at the ceiling and I say, 'God, what am I supposed to do now," said Parker's mother Yvonne Stewart. "We want her home. She didn't ask for this."

    As the search for Parker continues, so do the fundraising efforts.  Most of the money Parker's family has raised will go into a trust fund for her three kids, while some of it will help in the search for her. 

     “We are not going to quit searching until we find her.  I have been telling you this from day one.  We are not going to quit,” said Stewart.

    But, WFTV spoke with an expert who said Parker's family will now have to put as much effort into financial planning as fundraising, or Smith could make a case for the cash raised.

    "If the money is just sitting in a bank account, now it's open to interpretation," said Robert Palmer, a financial expert and the host of "Saving Thousands" on WDBO. "He may have some type of claim to say the money was for the kids, 'I am their guardian, that's the money I need to use.'"

    He said the family needs a reputable accountant and a charitable trust.

    Parker vanished on Nov. 17 after she dropped off her twins at her Smith's condo in south Orlando.  On that same day, Parker and Smith appeared on a recorded episode of “The People’s Court.”  Since then, her Hummer SUV and iPhone have been found, but there has been no trace of her.

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