• Surveillance cameras catch group of suspected burglars at work in Orange County


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Residents in an upscale west Orange County community have surveillance video of what they believe is an organized crime group walking the streets and burglarizing cars.
    They filed a report with the Orange County Sheriff's Department and handed over the surveillance video.
    Residents told Channel 9's Jeff Deal that even though there wasn't much stolen, members of the group acted nonchalant as they walked down the street checking to see if car doors were unlocked.
    When the car the group was in drove into the neighborhood, it was captured on surveillance video by cameras set up at the entrance to the Siena Gardens community in Gotha.
    "We put these up within the last 30 days," resident Richard Hopfer said.
    Residents were concerned about attempted home break-ins when the new community was still under construction. They said they did not expect to see a group of burglars checking out cars.
    Just moments after the car parked, video shows a man open up the door of another car and spend several minutes going through it. He appeared to be working with three other young men.
    The video shows the men going from house to house, checking car doors.
    "It wasn't one of those, 'Hey come look at this.' They knew what they were doing," said resident Sam Arafat.
    Neighbors said to see a group that appears to be very organized is disconcerting, especially after Orange County Deputy Jonathan Pine was shot and killed while investigating car break-ins in February.
    "There are 27 houses, and they checked every single car that was parked outside," said Hopfer.   
    In the video it appears that the men were carrying rags in their hands to check the doors and to signal each other. At one point, one walked right past the camera.
    In the end, all four men met up and drove away, but not before their license plate was captured on camera.
    When they left they drove straight into a neighborhood across the street, where residents wonder if they did the exact same thing.
    So far, the Sheriff's Department hasn't said if it has any suspects.

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    Surveillance cameras catch group of suspected burglars at work in Orange County