Suspect in stabbing at Universal Studios found guilty

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — The man accused of stabbing a former co-worker at Universal Studios last year was found guilty of attempted first-degree murder Thursday.

The attack left Glenn Ferguson with severe injuries on New Year’s Day 2016.

Ferguson and his family broke down in tears in the courtroom as the verdict was read.

Prosecutors said Frederick Torres stabbed Ferguson in the head and neck with a pair of scissors the day after Torres was fired.






Ferguson took the stand Wednesday, where he said he was supposed to be off the day of the stabbing, but came in to cover Torres’ shift since he had been fired.

Investigators said Torres chased Ferguson through Universal’s Islands of Adventure and stabbed him in the head with scissors.

Video was played in the courtroom that showed Ferguson and Torres facing each other with a security guard standing in the middle.

Watch: Surveillance video after the attack

Ferguson testified that he screamed for help, but didn’t get it.

Prosecutors asked Ferguson what was going through his mind during the attack.

“I’m going to die. Everyone is going to watch,” he said. “I was looking for anybody to help.”

Jurors also saw a picture of scissors in Ferguson’s head.

Recovery has been a long journey for Ferguson. He now requires a service dog, has seizures and the injuries have affected his speech.

“(It’s been) hell. Pure hell,” Ferguson said.

He and his family said they hope the guilty verdict will help bring them closure.






Torres did not testify.

Defense attorneys never denied that Torres stabbed his former co-worker in the head.

They didn’t call any witnesses, but they did try to convince the jury that the decision to attack was not premeditated and asked jurors for an attempted manslaughter verdict.

“He was still in the heat of the emotion of the moment,” a defense attorney said.

Prosecutors fired back with the video evidence, showing a seven-minute standoff before the stabbing.

“By saying, ‘I’m going to kill your number one artist’ that’s a decision to kill,” the prosecutor said.

Torres had little reaction as the verdict was read.

He will be sentenced in October and faces life in prison and a minimum of eight years.