• Suspicious fires continue to plague Brevard


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - Investigators in Palm Bay said they have arrested two people accused of purposely setting a brush fire, but they're still looking for those behind a series of arsons popping up throughout the county.

    A brush fire on Brickell Street and Trinidad Avenue in Palm Bay was the latest in a string of suspicious fires that have been plaguing the county.

    Investigators said two juveniles were behind that blaze, and authorities believe they could be behind more.

    "The past seven, eight days, we've had at least one per day," said Battalion Chief Gene Harrell of Palm Bay Fire Rescue.

    Fire crews pointed out someone burned down a vacant home down on Sunday and crews had to battle a 1-acre brush fire on Saturday as well as two others on Friday.

    Resident Dan Smith said he still remembers the fires from a few years ago that melted the back of his shed and threatened his home.

    "There's too many people getting (their) house burned down, fences melted," said Smith. "It's horrible."

    Fire crews said a fire that started Friday was sparked in the same field that started the devastation of the Mother's Day fire in 2008.

    Officials said they aren't sure who is starting all of the blazes, but with things being so dry and the wind picking up recently, they're hoping they don't see a repeat of 2008.

    "I hope and pray they stop or get caught before somebody does get hurt," said Harrell.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact authorities.

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    Suspicious fires continue to plague Brevard

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