• Taxpayers may end up footing bill to clean up "eyesore" golf course


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Residents said a golf course in Orange County that shut down earlier this month has become an eyesore, and WFTV found out taxpayers could be left footing the bill to clean it up.

    Neighbors said the grass at the Lake Orlando Golf Course has grown out of control, and hasn’t been cut in weeks.

    The course is also covered in pieces of broken gates and some of the sections of the fencing are missing.

    “It’s overrun with weeds and there are water hazards with weeds just growing over it,” said resident Gerald Berry. “It could pose a harmful condition to children if they wander out there.”

    Berry moved to the neighborhood seven years ago and said the golf course was part of the appeal.

    “It was a beautiful view, quite pleasant,” he said.

    Orlando city officials said they haven’t tracked down the owners, which means the city may become responsible for mowing the course.

    It could cost as much as $8,000 each time it’s cut.

    The property appraiser’s website lists Chen Golf Inc. as the owners, but when Channel 9’s Myrt Price tried to call the number listed, it was disconnected.

    Meanwhile, neighbors hope something is done soon.

    “I think something needs to happen pretty soon. It’s going to get so overgrown, like a jungle,” said resident Kent Sullivan.

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    Taxpayers may end up footing bill to clean up "eyesore" golf course