• Teachers union says 1 percent pay increase proposed by Brevard County Schools not enough

    By: Melonie Holt


    BREVARD COUNTY, Fla. - The teachers union and Brevard County Schools have been working since April to come to an agreement on pay increases.

    The district has proposed a 1 percent pay increase – an amount the union says just isn’t enough.

    “We’ve had about four pay freezes over the last decade,” Brevard Federation of Teachers vice president Anthony Colucci said. “We really need to be moving forward more than 1 percent at a time. And, of course, the superintendent received a 5 percent raise, so we feel that our work deserves a 5 percent raise as well.”

    Colucci was referring to the district superintendent, who recently received a 5 percent raise – his first since taking the position two years ago.

    The union argues that the average pay for teachers in Brevard County is lagging behind the rest of the state at $46,000.

    A 1 percent raise would amount to between $400 and $500 a year.

    Brevard County School Board Chairwoman Misty Belford said she understands why teachers are frustrated.

    She pointed out that when the superintendent took the position two years ago, he did not receive the same 5 percent raise that all staff got.

    In the end, the money for a 5 percent raise for teachers across the board would cost more than $20 million, and that’s money the district doesn’t have, Belford said.

    “I wish I could do more,” she said. “I wish we could all do more.”

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