• Sophisticated suspected drug house busted in Mount Dora


    MOUNT DORA, Fla. - Police and deputies joined forces today to dismantle a suspected drug house in Mount Dora that they said was a technologically advanced operation. 
    The three men arrested are accused of selling a variety of drugs and weapons from the home on Hackett Street.
    Police said it was a 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week drug operation. From the outside, it looked like a house, but inside, there were two walk-up windows, and while you would never see a person, you could get whatever you wanted, according to authorities.
    “They found various types of drugs, crack cocaine, powder, bath salt, marijuana,” said Kelda Senior with the city of Mount Dora.
    Police moved in Monday morning.  They say K-9 teams found the drugs hidden in walls, under floorboards and even buried under the house.
    The home was a kind of armored drug supermarket, authorities say, complete with infrared sensors and motion sensors to let the dealers know the second a customer set foot inside.
    “Extensive setups were installed in the home where people could come in and actually put in their request through the door and have the drugs delivered to them through some kind of mail slot, so it was very orchestrated,” said Senior. “Secure. Very secure as well.”
    Officers removed an extensive collection of weapons and took four suspects into custody.
    Investigators considered the house and the suspects such a risk that three agencies were part of the raid, including Mount Dora and Eustis police and the Lake County Sheriff’s Department.
     Police said they found so many hidden compartments and hiding places in the house that the building department decided to condemn the home.
    Mount Dora police said the house seems to have operated without notice for some time.

    Neighbors told Eyewitness News the house was well known and considered dangerous.
    Eyewitness News asked about calls for service to that home and was told police had not responded there until Monday morning's raid.

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    Sophisticated suspected drug house busted in Mount Dora