• Teens charged after elderly woman found beaten Easter morning


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Daytona Beach police have arrested a teen couple after an elderly woman was found badly beaten and robbed in her home on Easter morning.

    Authorities said 70-year-old Bonita Vansciver has very severe injuries to her head after being struck with a rock.

    Markeise Favors, 18, and his girlfriend, Alexis McCray, 16, were arrested and charged in the attack.

    Police believe Favors hit Vansciver with the rock in order to steal her car.

    McCray told police he and Favors were in the Colonial Colony north community because they knew a lot of elderly people live there.

    Police said McCray asked to use Vansciver's bathroom and as the woman let her inside, Favors hid at the side of the mobile home.

    "He was hiding and I guess after they walked into the house, then he snuck into the house and he pretty much hit her from behind," said Jimmie Flynt, of the Daytona Beach Police Department.

    Vansciver's family called 911 Sunday morning when she wasn't herself on the phone and said her head was bleeding.

    "Please, please hurry," her daughter can be heard telling dispatchers. "Something's just not right, please. She needs an ambulance. She's bleeding from her ear, and I'm not sure if she's having a stroke. She's not making sense talking to me."

    Vansciver told paramedics she was attacked, and police found out her car was stolen.

    Police found the stolen car the next day.

    Vansciver's family members told Channel 9 she is in an intensive care unit, but she is stable.

    Police said McCray had been seen in the victim's neighborhood days before the attack.

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