• Teen shot in Orange City library dies


    ORANGE CITY, Fla. - The 16-year-old who was shot at the library in Orange City on Thursday has died.

    Police believe that Yaredh Gautier accidentally shot himself. He died late Friday afternoon, officials said.

    Neighbors and friends told WFTV's Blaine Tolison that  Gautier was a quiet teenager who didn't get into much trouble. He liked sports and played basketball.

    Wanda Velez said she knew him personally through her niece.

    "I understand how the family feels because I don't like that happening to nobody in my family and that was an accident," said Velez.

    Police still believe it was an accident when Gautier shot himself.

    Officials said he pulled it from a backpack at the Orange City Public Library. His friends told police he was looking at the gun or toying with it.

    "And it discharged, and it discharged into his face. The bullet entered into his head leaving an entry wound to the front," said Ken Jones of the Orange City Police Department.

    Police said the gun Gautier shot himself with was a Taurus .38 Special, stolen from a Deltona home 10 years ago.

    Police still aren't sure how he found the gun. They said they ran a trace on the weapon and don't believe it was used in any crimes.

    Police said when they found the gun there were three expended rounds inside.

    "We do know that from the testimony of the boys who were with him that he had it possibly from the night before, that he found it somewhere in the Orange City area," said Jones.

    Police said Gautier did not have a criminal history and there has been no obvious explanation for why he had a gun.

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