• Shark bites teen surfer's hand in New Smyrna Beach


    NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. - A teenager was bitten by a shark while surfing in New Smyrna Beach Sunday morning.

    The victim, identified as a male in his early teens, was paddling in the water near Beachway Avenue just before 8:30 a.m. when the shark bit him on the left hand, officials said.

    He was taken to Bert Fish Medical Center to be treated for his injuries.

    Photos: Teen bitten by shark off New Smyrna Beach (Warning: Graphic images)

    A friend of the victim told Channel 9 the teenager is in good spirits, but is still in the hospital.

    “I thought he was coming to get us and stuff and then his hand was all red. He was screaming for help,” said 12-year-old Cole Toomsoo. "I was really scared. I come here every weekend. We live down in Vero. It just gets me scared to have one of my friends go through that."

    Beach safety officials said other surfers described the shark as a blacktip that was approximately five feet long.

    “A guy came up and took off his shirt and wrapped it around his hand. A whole bunch of people were calling the police and stuff,” said Marc Bishop a witness and friend of the victim.

    Photos show the extent of the victim’s injuries to his left hand. The teen had to have surgery.

    “I’m not really scared (of) sharks, but now I know it can happen to anyone, no matter what,” said Toomsoo.

    Two weeks ago, another 14-year-old surfer was bitten on his leg on the same beach.

    Sunday’s attack didn’t stop other surfers from hitting the waves.

    “We see sharks all the time. As a surfer, can’t think about it,” said Orlando resident Nick Anselmo.

    The shark bite victim told rescuers he punched the shark to make the animal swim away.

    There have been at least 10 shark attacks or bites in Volusia County so far in 2015.

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