• Details revealed in alleged Orange Co. school shooting plot


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Some students at Timber Creek High School in Orange County found out Friday just how close their school could have come to a Columbine-type shooting.

    The detailed planning and threats two teens made were so serious the Orange County Sheriff’s Office wants the state to charge the teens with conspiracy to commit murder.

    It all unfolded after a concerned parent saw suspicious posts on Facebook and called deputies Jan. 13.

    Investigators said a 15-and 16-year-old at the school had a plan to shoot certain students and themselves the next day.

    According to deputies, the teens even had a list of targeted classmates.

    The plot hit close to home for some living near the school.

    “The guy had a list of all the kids? Oh my God,” said resident Lisandra Moreno.

    The boys told investigators they bonded over the fact that they both heard voices in their heads -- telling them to harm students.

    According to investigators, one of the boys said the voices told him to do “real crazy stuff.”

    “That’s even more concerning that they didn’t have any professional help for their mental problems,” said Brianna Martinez.

    Although investigators originally said the parents of the teens were responsible gun owners and had their weapons locked, investigators said one of the teens said he planned to bring the weapons to school.

    Despite the frightening plot, some parents said they still feel their children are safe.

    “I think our school system is very safe. Like I said, it could happen anywhere,” said parent Antwane Hill.

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    Details revealed in alleged Orange Co. school shooting plot