• Witness in Pine Hills teen's shooting refuses to testify


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A prosecution witness refused to testify Wednesday in the case of a man accused of shooting an innocent teenager in Pine Hills last year.

    Danielle Sampson was shot in the head as she rode in her family's van in July, and accused gunman Tyrone Mosby has been charged in the case.

    Mosby is charged with attempted murder and faces a life sentence for the July shootout that left Sampson in a wheelchair at the age of 15.

    Andre Enmond is facing charges in a racketeering case, but he made a deal with prosecutors in exchange for his testimony against Mosby.  But on Wednesday, Enmond changed his story and refused to testify.

    “Your testimony was that you had seen Mr. Mosby in the car on the day of the shooting,” attorneys asked.

    “I got nothing to say,” said Enmond. “I don't want to testify anything.  Anything ya'll got to do, you going to do it anyway."

    Enmond was charged with contempt of court after he refused to cooperate.

    Prosecutors said Mosby fired the shot that struck Danielle. They said he and a group of other men had just burglarized a home nearby and were shooting at the homeowner, Chester Joseph, who was chasing them.

    But Sampson’s parents told jurors on Tuesday everything happened so fast and they couldn’t identify Mosby as the gunman.

    However, when Joseph took the stand, he told jurors that he chased the group of burglars, and Mosby was the one firing shots at him. 

    Joseph said he was able to pick Mosby out of a police lineup and identify him as the shooter after coming forward weeks later.

    “I didn't want to be talking to cops. I just wanted it to go away,” he said.

    Joseph told jurors he didn't cooperate with police because he didn't want the case to disrupt his busy life as an assistant for NFL players who come into town.  But weeks after the shooting, he said he changed his mind and was able to identify Mosby in a photo lineup. 

    “This isn't about me,” said Joseph. “It's about this little innocent girl that got shot that won't be able to drive a car, probably won't have a boyfriend or enjoy life.”

    But Joseph's neighbor testified that Mosby may not have been the only one with a gun, which could have done major damage to Joseph’s testimony.

    “That may be may be one of the most damning parts of her evidence,” said WFTV legal analyst Bill Sheaffer. “If there was an exchange of gunfire, whose bullet struck the victim in this case?”

    Sampson is now 16 years old, and is confined to a wheelchair with severe brain damage from the shooting.

    Danielle is in court for the trial, because her family said they want Mosby to see her and the condition she is in.

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    Witness in Pine Hills teen's shooting refuses to testify