• Testimony continues in Warlock gang member trial


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Testimony continued Friday in the trial of the motorcycle gang member accused in a fatal shootout during a Seminole County charity event.

    Warlocks gang member David Maloney is charged with shooting and killing three men outside a Winter Springs VFW post in September 2012. 

    The defense said they found several flaws in a document that investigator teams drew to assist the jury.

    It was a diagram of the parking lot where the shootout took place, and while there were several items marked on the diagram, many key items were missing.

    The prosecution called a crime scene investigator, who was cross-examined by the defense regarding a diagram she and her colleagues put together of the scene. 

    It was supposed to assist the jury in the case. However, the defense found several key pieces of evidence not marked, and in some cases, missing from the diagram all together. 

    The prosecution argued that the diagram did show several key items, such as vehicles, motorcycles, and gave jurors a lay of the land to better understand the crime scene. 

    When the crime scene investigator was asked by defense attorney David Maloney if the diagram would help jurors, she said, "Yes," despite admitting it was her colleague who drew it up, such as bullet casings.

    "Why do you have a diagram which has candy and cigarette butts," asked Maloney. "But it doesn't include evidence of bullets and shell casings in a shooting case?"

    "I did not make the diagram nor determine what to put on it," replied the crime scene investigator.

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    Testimony continues in Warlock gang member trial