• Thieves steal car during test drive at Orange County dealership


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla.,None - Two thieves who stole a 2012 Camaro from an Orange County dealership during a test drive were still on the run Friday night.

    According to management at the Courtesy Chevrolet on West Colonial Drive, it was just after 5 p.m. Friday when two men asked a saleswoman to test drive the sports car.

    "She took them on a test drive and they asked if she wanted to drive,” said Brian Speas, the dealership’s manager. “As soon as she stepped out they bolted."

    Stranded, the saleswoman called the dealership for help and police were called.

    Skywitness flew over the scene after OnStar led deputies to the stolen sports car at the Millenium Palms condominiums on Texas Avenue about an hour later.

    “They were able to track them down when they were stealing it and parking it,” Speas said. The dealership said the men gave fake identifications to test drive the car

    But even though deputies found the car, it was not returned to the dealership. It was being tested for forensic evidence.

    Orange County deputies brought in a bloodhound on scene that caught a scent, but the thieves weren't found.

    To get in the gated community you either have to be dialed in or you have to swipe a key card to open the gate. Some residents believe the crooks lived there or know someone who does.

    “That's the only way you can get in the gate,” said resident Eddie Rosaro. “Or if you get in the gate with the car in front of you.”

     Officials said the saleswoman is fine and there was no damage to the car.

    Investigators believe the thieves may have used it in another crime. Just before that car was found, WFTV was on the scene of an armed robbery at a pawn shop in Orange County. Investigators believe the thieves may have robbed the Value Pawn Shop on Orange Blossom Trail.

     It’s not clear if it's the same two men, but deputies said the robbers of the pawn shop were wearing masks.

     They got away, but deputies don't know how much they got. No one was hurt in the robbery. Investigators were working on a better description of the thieves Friday night.

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