• Thousands of bikers hit Daytona Beach for 23rd annual Biketoberfest


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Thousands of bikers and motorcycle enthusiasts are packing Daytona Beach for the 23rd annual Biketoberfest Thursday.

    "I'm looking forward to a good time, seeing all the bikes, seeing all the good people and hopefully not get into any trouble," visitor J.C. Acevedo said.

    Sheriff Ben Johnson said law enforcement enjoys the event and wants everyone to have fun, but be mindful of drinking and riding. He said police and deputies will be on the streets in marked and unmarked vehicles, keeping an eye on things.

    Raw: Biketoberfest kicks into gear

    "We want our guests to be careful, to watch how much alcohol they consume. If they are going to ride, if they are going to consume alcohol, get a taxi cab. We don't want them leaving here in a body bag," Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson said.

    Convention and Visitor Bureau officials said they have seen a 43 percent increase in online traffic this year, which they said translates into more money. They said the event has pumped $43 million into the economy, which they said is a great thing for local business owners and the community.

    John and Lynn Sabolesky are in from Ocala to enjoy the festivites.

    "We will be up here for a few hours in the afternoon and lose $150 or so. It's money well spent," John Sabolesky said.

    "I can go anywhere, $300 to $400, depending on that kind of advertisement are out there, booths they have set up, but you can spend," one visitor said.

    The event runs through Sunday.

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