• 3 men with guns ambush Orange Co. family


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - An Orange County woman and her husband said they were attacked at their own home Saturday night.

    The victim said the men threw her to the ground, demanded money and held her husband and children at gunpoint.

    Police tracked down one of the suspects, Antoine Brown, and arrested him. Two of the men are still on the run.

    The family who lives at the Orange County house thought they had done everything right to protect themselves. They installed lights, bars on the windows, a security system and surveillance cameras.

    The woman told Channel 9 she can't sleep until all of them are behind bars.

    The ordeal began when the mother came home with her two young children Saturday night. She asked not to be identified.

    "He grabbed me by my hair … and dragged me in the house," she said.

    She said when her husband came out to help unload groceries, three men waiting with guns ambushed and both of them dragged them inside.

    "All this is going on, and they're telling us, 'Everyone's going to die, everyone's going to die if we don't get what we want,'" the woman said.

    The woman said she was held at gunpoint with her children on the living room floor as her husband was pistol-whipped and robbed.

    She said the men ransacked their house and even stole her husband's wedding band before taking off.

    The robbers had their faces partially covered but the couple recognized Brown as an acquaintance because of his voice and unmistakable eyebrows.

    "You can't miss the unibrow," said the woman as she pointed to a mugshot of the man.

    The family is still uneasy because the other two men are still on the run.

    "I'm quite sure this isn't the first and won't be the last," said the woman.

    Brown is being held at the Orange County Jail without bond.

    The family said they're still going through their surveillance footage to see if their cameras caught the ordeal.

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    3 men with guns ambush Orange Co. family