• Titusville school board member said coaches present during Harlem Shake video controversy


    TITUSVILLE, Fla. - There is more outcry tonight about the controversial Harlem Shake video that landed some Titusville High School students and baseball players in hot water.

    Initially, students were suspended and several players were kicked off the baseball team, but the school eventually lightened its punishment and allowed the players to return to the team with limited innings, pending community service.

    The Harlem Shake has gone viral, with dozens of teams, including the Kansas Jayhawks and Arizona Diamondbacks, creating their own versions.

    On Thursday, Titusville school board member Michael Krupp told Channel 9 parents actually revealed to him that "there were three adult coaches on the field at the time of the filming and did nothing to stop it or inquire what was happening."

    Parents told Channel 9 one of the coaches was head coach Mark Lewis, who signed the disciplinary notice to players.

    Krupp's email also said five days after the video was shot, "students were left off a bus (because of their involvement in the video) for an away game ... with no parent notification."

    Parents said they feel Principal Lori Spinner and area Superintendent Ron Bobay are trying to hide the fact that coaches were there and did nothing to stop it.

    Krupp also said he hopes school administrators will hold the adults accountable for allowing the video to happen.

    The school district admitted coaches were on the field but said they were working and didn't see anything.

    But Krupp told Channel 9's Jeff Deal over the phone that's "hog wash."

    The district also said no one is facing discipline for leaving kids off the bus without notifying parents.

    The district also told Deal on Wednesday that it didn't have a copy of the video, but Channel 9 found on Thursday that it does.

    A spokesman, however, said they won't release the video because of education privacy laws.

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