• Trayvon Martin's parents ask Dept. of Justice for prosecutor probe


    SANFORD, Fla. - Trayvon Martin's parents have asked federal officials to investigate a prosecutor who recused himself in the case of their son's shooting death by George Zimmerman.

    The attorney for Martin's parents sent a letter on Monday to the U.S. Department of Justice's civil rights division asking officials to expand their probe to include the decision-making in the State Attorney's Office run by Norm Wolfinger.

    The attorney for Martin's family, Benjamin Crump, wrote:  "Within hours of the shooting, Sanford Chief of Police Bill Lee met with State Attorney Norm Wolfinger. We also believe that family members of the shooter, George Zimmerman, were present at the police department."

    Wolfinger recused himself from the case and a special prosecutor is now investigating the shooting.
    Martin's parents want to know why Wolfinger's office made the decision not to charge Zimmerman after the Feb. 26 fatal shooting.

    Zimmerman told police he was attacked and fired in self-defense.

    In a statement, Wolfinger expressed outrage by what he called, "outright lies" in the letter by Crump.  

    Also, he encouraged the Department of Justice to investigate and to document that no such meeting or communication occurred.

    The Department of Justice is also looking into the Sanford Police Department's handling of the case.

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