• Trend of 'upskirting' appears to escalate in central Florida


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - For the third time in a week, another man has been arrested on suspicion of taking photos under women's skirts.

    Ocala police said they charged 18-year-old Broderick Lanctot with video voyeurism Friday after he targeted two sisters at West Port High School.

    Orange County deputies said Nicholas Fusaro tried to get video of women at Target and Walmart on Monday.

    The week before, Orange County investigators said they arrested a man for taking revealing photos of children at a Best Buy.

    Psychologist Robert Janner explained why 'upskirting' happens.

    "It seems to be making a resurgence," Janner said.

    Janner said offenders like the thrill of taking their phones and getting pictures and video under the dresses of unsuspecting women.

    Janner treats sex offenders and has even worked with people who have been busted taking similar pictures.

    "It's the rush. It's the thrill, and it becomes sexualized. It's the fact you're doing something you're not supposed to," Janner said.

    Janner said there are plenty of upskirting porn websites online, and he believes the suspects start by watching them.

    Looking for an even bigger thrill, they try it for themselves, Janner said.

    Police said Fusaro was caught on surveillance camera putting his phone under a bag of dog food on his shopping cart and then targeting a woman in a dress.

    He was later busted doing the same thing at a Walmart, police said.

    According to Janner, people who do this don't just try it once and then quit.

    "Unless you get caught, you're very likely to continue to do it," Janner said.

    And after a while, he says, they may get bored and decide to take things to the next level.

    "These people can easily escalate to other forms of behavior or more extreme forms of this upskirting," Janner said.

    Both the Best Buy and Target suspects have bonded out of jail.

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    Trend of 'upskirting' appears to escalate in central Florida