• Man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman convicted of public urination


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - The man accused of shooting at George Zimmerman was found guilty in an unrelated public urination case Wednesday.

    Investigators said while Matthew Apperson was out on bond for the shooting charge, he urinated on his neighbor's doorstep.

    He was tried on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge.

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    The condominium owner was not home at the time of the urination incident. The only person who allegedly saw Apperson urinating was a pool maintenance worker, Anthony Woods.

    Apperson's defense attorney argued that there was no physical evidence that Apperson urinated on his neighbor's front door or porch in June.

    But Woods said he witnessed Apperson cursing and urinating on the door.

    Prosecutor: "Was there any doubt in your mind that the defendant was urinating on the porch and/or the door?"

    Woods: "None, whatsoever."

    On the stand, Apperson blamed a shy bladder that prevents him from urinating in public.

    Defense: “Throughout your life, have you had a problem with your ability to urinate?”

    Apperson: “Yes, I do have a shy bladder.”

    The condo's owner, Sharee Rivera, also took the stand. Woods said she didn't witness the incident, but heard about it from the property manager and then called police.

    Apperson admitted he hadn't gotten along with Rivera since she made remarks in 2012 about his family.

    Defense: "You already testified to the jury you didn’t get along with her and you didn’t like her?"

    Apperson: "That's correct."

    Apperson was sentenced to 60 days in jail, which he has already served, but will still stay in jail without bond until the trial for the shooting.

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