• Trial in case of woman run over on Volusia Beach gets underway


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A jury was seated Monday in the case of a tourist suing Volusia County.
    Erin Joynt was run over by a Beach Safety Patrol truck in July 2011, while she was sunbathing on Daytona Beach Shores. Despite suffering serious injuries she survived the accident.
    For half the day Monday, attorneys for each side questioned the 17 potential jurors, asking questions about their interests and their jobs.
    The jury could ultimately decide how much money Erin Joynt will receive from Volusia County.
    A lifeguard ran over Joynt's head and back.
    It was one of two serious accidents on the beach involving Volusia County Beach Patrol, now called Volusia Beach Safety Ocean Rescue.
    As a result of those incidents there were changes at Beach Safety, including the incorporation of smaller, safer vehicles like all-terrain-vehicles and smaller pickup trucks. But there are still some of the older, larger trucks still in use.
    "We're trying to find out from each of our prospective jurors how long they've lived here, what they or their spouses or significant others (have) done for self-employment or employment," said Judge Robert K. Rouse Jr.
    Joynt's husband received $134,000 from the county, and for her children an additional $15,000.
    The county and Joynt's attorney were in mediation but failed to reach a settlement.

    The trial is expected to last all week. 

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