• Two OPD officers under investigation after recent high-speed chase


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Two Orlando police officers are under internal investigation after a bizarre chase in Orange County.
    After the officers’ radio transmissions were heard, an Orlando Police Department supervisor determined the chase was not within department policy.

    Audio: OPD radio traffic recording
    Records show the speeds were well above the posted limit and the officers turned their lights and sirens off during the high-speed chase.
    The transmissions show OPD had no idea why its officers were chasing the stolen Grand Cherokee through Orange County last month.
    OPD officers in pursuit are to use lights, sirens and to notify supervisors. OPD radioed several times to see if someone was involved in a chase around Pine Chase and Golf Club Parkway.
    OPD officers are also to alert other agencies when a chase leaves the city.
    OPD supervisors said the officers didn’t respond until after the stolen vehicle was abandoned.
    Backup officer Fred Rolle never mentioned the chase, or why the Jeep caught their attention, in his report several days later. Rolle said OPD officer Mike Favorit drove it back to the city because of possibly “multiple armed assailants in the immediate area.”
    Rolle also wrote that they found a gun, but later said it was fake.
    Rolle and Favorit remain on patrol during the investigation.

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