• UCF halts Greek life activities to address alcohol, hazing issues


    ORLANDO, Fla. - It's a step the nation's second-largest university has never taken before. On Wednesday, the entire Greek system at the University of Central Florida was shut down over concerns about alcohol and hazing.

    The decision has many students outraged.

    "I used to be part of Greek life, so pretty shocked," said one student when told about the university's decision.

    "I think it's kind of over the top," said student Andrew Galazia.

    The move comes just a week after the Sigma Chi fraternity was suspended for alleged hazing after a picture was posted on Facebook. The picture showed a student being forced to chug an alcoholic drink while two others appeared to be sick over a trash can.

    UCF Vice President Grant Heston said the picture wasn't the only motivating force for the university.

    "That played a part it in, but that's not the only reason we're doing this," said Heston.

    UCF leaders refused to elaborate about the other reasons they made the decision to shut down the Greek system.

    "It was just more of a feeling that it was the right time to have that conversation," said Heston.

    "Why is right now the right time?" WFTV's Kenneth Craig asked Heston.

    "Because we think right now is the right time to do this," said Heston.

    Craig found that three fraternities or sororities have been found in violation for hazing and 13 in violation for alcohol in the last three years.

    The school said the Greek community needs a "culture change" and officials want to try to deal with the issues before something serious happens.

    "I can't believe they actually did this. For drinking? You're in college, everyone is going to drink, let's be real," said one student.

    Officials said the ban is indefinite, but that they hope to have the issue resolved by the end of the semester.

    Read: UCF press release announcing their decision

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