• UCF suspends fraternity over hazing allegations


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - The University of Central Florida has placed a fraternity on suspension due to allegations of hazing, according to documents the school released Monday.

    The documents outlined an email someone sent to the school on Jan. 5 about a freshman pledging with Phi Delta Theta.

    In the email, the writer expressed concern for another student, saying that the student said the pledging “has been one of the most psychologically harming experiences he has ever experienced. It has taken a toll on him both mentally and physically.”

    The person who wrote the email said the student’s grades were dropping due to the stress of pledging.

    The email included a screenshot of a text conversation between the student and a member of Phi Delta Theta.

    The writer said the text was “threatening,” but the content of the screenshot was redacted from the document.

    Documents did not detail what kind of hazing allegedly occurred. 

    The fraternity said there is no evidence to support the hazing claim, but its president said the organization is cooperating with the university.

    Read the full statement from the fraternity's president below:

    “In regards to the recent allegations being brought to light, our organization remains very concerned. There is absolutely NO reason any of our members should have at any point in time been in question of their mental, emotional or physical well being. I have personally sat down with each of our new members individually to see if at any point in time any brother put them in a position described as such. Still, I have found nothing to support these allegations. At no point in time were the lives of any of our members at stake. In Phi Delta Theta's eyes, hazing is the antithesis of the development of a man, and is counterproductive to our goals as an organization. We are still working diligently with UCF to resolve the situation.”

    Due to its suspension, the fraternity may not hold chapter meetings, fundraisers or any other events.

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