Union president of OFD said up to 15 workers exposed to asbestos

ORLANDO, Fla. — Orlando firefighters were exposed to asbestos while prepping an old apartment building for a training exercise, officials said.
The union president said up to 15 firefighters were exposed to asbestos at the abandoned Lakeside Village.
"We were the ones pretty much shoveling it up (and) removing the tiles," Orlando firefighter Anthony Donohue said.

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Donohue said he's pleased the department is taking action, and bunker gear has been collected for cleaning, but that he still has concerns about contamination in his car that he drove home after working in the environment.
"I had to take my daughter to school this morning. So she had to get in that vehicle. Does it have asbestos in it? I don't know," Donohue said.
Donohue said he'll pay to have it tested if the city won't.
The department said it does have a designated health and safety officer.
Donohue said somebody should have known about the asbestos.