Victim recognizes teen during brutal attack by 20 people in ‘The Purge,' clown masks

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. — A man was stabbed and another man was hit with a hockey stick when about 20 people in costumes attacked them while they were checking their car in Orange County, deputies said.

The incident happened at 11 p.m. Monday on Harrell Road and Bexhill Boulevard.

Deputies said the men were in a truck that was traveling south on Harrell Road when something hit the car.

The men got out to check, and that is when the group attacked them, stabbing one of the victims in the head while the other was hit in the head with the hockey stick, deputies said.

One of the victims spoke with Channel 9's Deneige Broom. He said that he and his brother were in the truck with two women and five children when the incident happened.

"They had clown masks on and purge masks on," said Jeff Brown. "(They had a) knife, hockey sticks, they had clubs, they had bats."

The victim said he told the women to drive away and get help.

The attackers were described by the victim as teens wearing masks from the movie "The Purge," as well as clown masks.

"I don't think that they were looking for me and my brother. I think they were looking for anybody that they could get stopped at the stop light," Brown said.

The victim also said he had to get staples put in his head and that his brother was stabbed with a machete-like weapon.

The victim also told Channel 9 that he was able to lift one of the teen’s mask and he recognized him from his neighborhood.

"They're lucky that my wife told me to leave my gun at home. Because if I would've brought my gun, I would've shot every one of them, everyone I could because, they rushed me with weapons and I was in fear for my life," Brown said.

No arrests have been made.