• Victim struck by OPD officer thinks officer hit him on purpose


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Channel 9 has learned a man who was struck by an Orlando police officer's cruiser spoke with Internal Affairs about the incident.

    Tetris Nunn said he believes Officer Michael Fiortentino-Tyburski hit him on purpose, saying he made eye contact with the officer as the patrol car came around the corner.

    Nunn said he expected Fiortentino-Tyburski to hit the brakes, but that didn't happen and Nunn was struck.

    The accident was captured by one of the city's iris cameras, which were installed to help police fight crime.

    In the video, it appears Fiortentino-Tyburski hit Nunn before he hit the brake.

    "I told him, 'It was like, man, it was like as if you were trying to hit me,'" said Nunn. "He's like, 'I was only going 10 mph.'"

    Nunn went on to say he thought the officer might have even sped up.

    "That's what I thought, you know what I'm saying?" said Nunn. "He said he slammed on the brakes, but it felt like to me, you know what I''m saying, like when I looked at him, you know, as if he wanted to hit me."

    Before Fiortentino-Tyburski left the scene, he left Nunn to attend to someone who had stopped on the street, the video shows.

    Records show the officer radioed dispatch and reported handling a flag-down call but never reported he had hit Nunn.

    Nunn said it seemed that the officer really wasn't concerned about him.

    "He was just calm, you know, like just calm with it," said Nunn. "Like he wasn't even shocked that he actually hit me or whatever."

    Nunn told the officer he was OK.

    A woman across the street witnessed the incident, but the officer never talked to her before leaving, the police report said.

    She and a parking officer stuck around and helped Nunn call 911 for a leg wound.

    "I went to the hospital. They cleaned it up and everything like that, gave me some crutches and I went on about my business," said Nunn.

    Fiortentino-Tyburski is still under investigation for the accident. He's still on patrol.

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    Victim struck by OPD officer thinks officer hit him on purpose