• Video shows dozens of cars fleeing as trooper attempts to bust street racers


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Channel 9's Ryan Hughes obtained dashcam video of more than one hundred drivers Florida Highway Patrol Troopers said were involved in a huge street race in south Orange County.

    Street races are something police agencies have been trying to stop for years because of the dangers they present.

    Troopers busted the street race along Rocket Boulevard, near Central Florida Parkway, and arrested one man.

    Troopers said the racing was taking place on a narrow, dark road at about 2 a.m.

    In the dashcam video taken from an FHP troopers car, as the trooper pulls up to the street race drivers begin pulling onto the road and driving away, not very fast due the number of cars.

    "Stop the car. Turn it off, turn it off," the trooper is heard saying.

    Troopers believe more than 100 people drove away, but Shawn Persaud was caught. Troopers said he tried to flee.

    "In his attempt to flee from the trooper (he) put it in reverse and actually struck a vehicle behind him, causing a crash," said Sgt. Kim Montes with the Florida Highway Patrol.

    The trooper said he had to block the road so Persaud couldn't move any farther.

    Persaud was arrested and taken to jail. On camera he is heard describing to the trooper what happened when the trooper pulled up to the race site.

    "And then as soon as you came that's when everyone started to move," Persaud told the trooper.

    Channel 9 has reported on a number of street races in the same area. Troopers and Orange County sheriff's deputies routinely patrol the area in an effort to limit the racing.

    "Unfortunately this area is known to law enforcement for illegal street racing activity," Montes said.

    Troopers said a passenger in Persaud's car was given a notice to appear in court.

    According to troopers it is not only illegal to street race, but it is also against the law to watch the racing.

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    Video shows dozens of cars fleeing as trooper attempts to bust street racers