• Bear spotted roaming Longwood neighborhood


    LONGWOOD, Fla. - Some Longwood residents called Channel 9 after seeing a black bear roaming their neighborhood.

    The bear was spotted along Long Pond Drive near Markham Woods Road.

    Girls from the neighborhood told Channel 9's Ryan Hughes that the bear was the size of a golf cart.

    The girls are cousins from New York City who are spending the summer in Longwood.

    "We were really riding our bikes and I was on my skateboard and it just came out of nowhere, so that was really crazy," said Nasani Danvers.

    Danvers and her cousin, Avarie Binns, said they knew that they had to document their brief encounter with Florida wildlife.

    "We were just taking videos of it and it looked at us and didn't do anything," said Binns.

    The bear made its way to some garbage cans near their grandparents' home in the Mandarin Club Estates subdivision, just off of Markham Woods Road.

    "We came out and we saw the bear and it dragged the garbage can from right there to over there," said Binns.

    It's the second time they've seen a bear in the residential neighborhood in just two weeks.

    Bear sightings in Longwood happen somewhat regularly, and city officials put up signs to warn people of wildlife.

    Neighbors called the Florida Wildlife Commission.

    Wildlife officers don't generally trap bears unless they become a nuisance.

    They do suggest that residents put away garbage receptacles. They said black bears are generally docile and that attacks on humans are rare.

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    Bear spotted roaming Longwood neighborhood