Volusia County man accused of putting 3-year-old child in oven claims innoncence, deputies say

A man accused of putting his 3-year-old child in the oven turned himself in to authorities Thursday, Volusia County deputies said.  
The child told investigators that May frequently hit her with a belt, according to an arrest report. 
"In my mind, he's a scumbag," said Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood.
But May told Channel 9's Mike Springer he never laid a hand on her.
"Nobody will ever tell you that I harmed any kid," said May. 
May claimed his ex-girlfriend, who is the child's mother, to make up the abuse allegations because she was upset he wouldn't pay child support. 
Deputies said the young girl had several noticeable injuries, including an extensive abrasion on her ear and contusions on her head.
The ear abrasion appeared consistent with a burn injury, deputies said.
The victim told a Department of Children and Families investigator that May has put her in the oven.
Deputies began their search for May on Wednesday.
May is out of the Volusia County Jail after he posted a $50,000 bail.