• Vultures make a mess, cause damage in South Daytona neighborhood


    SOUTH DAYTONA, Fla. - Neighbors in a South Daytona communnity said they're frustrated with vultures that are tearing up their neighborhood.

    "The only thing we can hope for is they disappear," homeowner Randy Evans said.

    As many as 10 vultures could be seen on a rooftop in the Harborside Village community Friday afternoon. The South Daytona neighborhood has been plagued with the birds to the point that they've become a nuisance and started causing damage.

    "They'll come and actually knock over trash receptacles and dig out the garbage and start eating that," Evans said.

    Residents said the vultures have made a mess of trash and ripped up screened pool enclosures.

    "Naturally, they leave their messes on the shingles, which causes odors. Foul odors, at that," Evans said.

    The birds, also known as turkey vultures, are protected, and killing them or harrassing them is against the law. However if the vultures are causing damage, the state allows pyrotechnics to be used to scare them. But the city of South Daytona doesn't allow fireworks. Residents said the issue calls for an exception.

    "I know there's a good reason and cause for their existence because they clean up all the roadkill and the dead animals that are even on properties, but they are a nuisance," Evans said.

    City officials told WFTV there's not much they can do to get rid of the vultures. Neighbors said they'll continue to look into what options they have to deal with them.

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    Vultures make a mess, cause damage in South Daytona neighborhood