• WATCH: Body camera video of deputy's takedown of student different than report, expert says

    By: Karen Parks


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - New body camera video released by the Volusia County Sheriff's Office of the incident involving a deputy who's seen slamming a 16-year-old student to the floor provides another side to the story.


    But according to a law expert, the video still doesn't tell the whole story.


    Cellphone video from a student only shows the suspect getting slammed to the floor by the deputy.


    Read: Video shows Volusia deputy body-slamming Spruce Creek High School student


    Raw: Cellphone video of takedown of student



    The body cam video released Tuesday shows moments leading up the incident, but cuts out before the student is taken down.


    The school surveillance shows a wider angle and a large crowd, but the video is not clear and leaves questions unanswered.


    “I don't see in the video what the officer said in the report,” said law enforcement expert and former Oviedo Police Chief Chuck Drago.


    Raw: Body camera video of incident with student



    The incident report states, “The student turned towards Deputy Moore balled up his fists (took) an aggressive fighting stance and said, ‘Don't touch me.’ Deputy Moore escorted the student to the ground and secured him with handcuffs.”


     “There's no aggression towards the officer. He did say something about ‘Don’t touch me’ and did create distance between him and the officer, but I don't see where he was moving towards the officer on an aggressive way or balling up his fists. What I see on the video is not consistent with the report,” Drago said.


    The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office released a statement when Channel 9 questioned the discrepancies that said, "The school security video and VCSO body worn camera video, while imperfect, provides some added context to Friday's events. A portion of the incident was not recorded as it appears the deputy's body worn camera and or cord was briefly knocked loose as he took one of the defendants into custody.”


    Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood also released a statement that said in part, “Deputy Moore saw a volatile situation headed out of control and he took quick action to stop it. It worked and no one was injured. I stand behind his decision.”

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