Watch: Burglary suspects crash pickup truck into Osceola County gun store

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — Newly released surveillance footage showed the moment a pickup truck slammed into an Osceola County gun store during a burglary.

Deputies have arrested three suspects, but three others remain at large.

Deputies are concerned that the guns stolen from that store could be used in crimes, so they released surveillance footage in hopes it will help them capture the remaining suspects.

The surveillance footage, which was recorded March 28, shows the reversing pickup crash into the L&R Armory gun shop on East Osceola Parkway near South Orange Blossom Trail. When the truck pulls forward, six people run into the store and grab whatever they can.

"It's extremely helpful to have such quality video for our investigation," Osceola County Maj. Jacob Ruiz said.

Three of the suspects who were arrested are juveniles, Ruiz said.

Records said at least 30 pistols and rifles were stolen. At least nine of those guns have been recovered.

"We know these weapons are likely to be used in other crimes (and) other violent felonies," Ruiz said. "So it's imperative for us to find these weapons and find these individuals."

The pickup was found abandoned nearby and helped lead to the first round of arrests, he said.

"The vehicle that they used to smash into the front of the business was a stolen vehicle, so we know these individuals are actively committing felonies and probably violent felonies," Ruiz said.

Investigators said the suspects who were arrested haven't been very cooperative.