Watch: Disney World monorail runs with doors open, guests inside

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Disney World is taking steps to prevent monorail doors from remaining open after that happened on its Monorail Red transportation service while it was running Tuesday.

The train has been removed from service, park officials said.

A woman captured video of the faulty door over the weekend and posted it to her Instagram page.

The train picked up passengers from the ticketing transportation center, not far from Magic Kingdom, officials said.

The woman who captured the video didn’t want to be identified, but told Eyewitness News that she was concerned because there wasn't an alarm or latch to catch the door. She said the attendant tried several times to get the door to close, but was unsuccessful.

No one was hurt, but the park visitor said before she boarded, it appeared the train was already having an issue with the doors.

The parkgoer said she posted the video to make sure Disney takes steps to prevent this from happening again.

A spokeswoman for Disney said the train is one of 12 serving the Disney World theme parks and properties.

A spokeswoman said there is a phone in all of the cabins that connect passengers to the train pilot, but would not go as far as saying the park recommends passengers call the pilot when there's a problem like this during the train ride.

Cierra Putman

Cierra Putman,

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