• Ex-cop who shot, killed son takes stand in own defense


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A former Orlando police officer on trial after being charged with killing his son took the stand in his own defense for much of the day on Wednesday.

    The prosecution rested in the case of Tim Davis Sr. The defense is presenting its case, and testimony will resume Thursday.

    Davis said he shot and killed his son, Tim Davis Jr., 22, in self-defense in October 2011.

    While on the stand, Davis' emotions ranged from sadness and tears to anger at prosecutors.

    Channel 9's Kathi Belich was in court and said Davis' story was not the same he told to the grand jury that indicted him.

    "I had my hand behind his head and just whispered, said, 'Hang in there," Davis told the court.

    Davis told the jury that when he told police that night he was "in a funk" after he and his son got into a physical fight, he meant, "I was dazed. I was disoriented. I was dizzy. I was hurt. I was lethargic. I was scared."

    The prosecutor got Davis to admit major inconsistencies between what he told the grand jury under oath and what he said Wednesday on the stand.

    The prosecutor repeated questions Davis was asked about what he told the grand jury he did with his gun as soon as he took it out of his car.

    "Do you point it? Put it in your pocket?" asked prosecutor Jim Altman. "You said, 'No, no I had the gun. I got the gun and started walking.' Correct?"

    "Correct," Davis replied.

    Davis said that to the grand jury before he knew his own security camera had captured a much different scene, which showed him pull out the gun and immediately fire in his son's direction.

    He told the grand jury both shots were almost simultaneous, but he said Wednesday there was a long pause between what he now calls "warning shots."

    When the prosecutor asked why Davis never told police he fired in self-defense, he said he didn't realize then that Apopka police had an agenda.

    During testimony, the judge had to take a break to make Davis hand over his Bible, which he shouldn't have taken to the witness stand.

    Davis' wife, Tarsha Davis, also took the stand on Wednesday. She broke down when she was asked about her children.

    The state rested after showing the jury surveillance video that shows Tim Davis Sr. taking a gun out of his car and immediately aiming and firing at his son.

    The jury saw zoomed-in, slow-motion versions.

    Even though the defense said Davis' knees had been badly hurt minutes earlier, he appeared to have no trouble walking or standing.

    If convicted, Davis faces life in prison.

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