• Winter Springs police bust meth operation next door to daycare


    WINTER SPRINGS, Fla. - Winter Springs police said they uncovered a meth lab next door to a daycare on Wednesday.

    The meth lab was discovered at a home along David Street and police say it's part of a new trend for cooking meth.

    Detectives told Channel 9's Bianca Castro a new method is allowing people to make the meth virtually anywhere, undetected.

    Witnesses said a SWAT team broke down the door to get into the rented house.

    According to police the woman who lived at the home said that she cooked meth.

    Dick Zipay said he had no idea his tenants, Jennifer Perfetto and Steve Rose, were allegedly cooking and selling meth out of the home he has owned for 40 years.

    "I was here the day before yesterday, and replaced the little cartridge in the bathroom shower and I didn't notice no odors, no nothing," said Zipay.

    Police said Zipay might not have noticed that drugs were being made because of the method being used. Police call it "one pot" or "shake and bake."

    They said it uses a small amount of dangerous ingredients mixed in an empty bottle.

    They said the meth can be produced anywhere.

    "You might not smell it at all. Typically what happens is sometimes we get calls from the fire department because someone's passed out while they're making it," said Winter Springs Chief of Police Kevin Brunelle.

    Police said they got a tip about the case.

    They said that countywide there have been 24 similar busts so far this year and that there were only four during the same time period last year.

    Police said Perfetto and Rose face stiffer charges because they were allegedly cooking meth within one 1,000 feet of a daycare.

    According to police Perfetto faces at least 20 drug charges.

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    Winter Springs police bust meth operation next door to daycare