• Witness: Suspect pointed gun at victims' mother as they lay bleeding


    ST. CLOUD, Fla. - Employees and customers of a bar in St. Cloud testified on Tuesday about what they saw moments before and after two brothers were killed there last year.

    Jason Clair is on trial for shooting and killing James and Joel Kun after a fight at Len’s Bar during 25-cent beer night in June 2011.

    Clair claims he shot the brothers in self-defense, but the state's witnesses painted a very different picture, some saying the Kun brothers had nothing to do with the brutal beating Clair endured.

    The first person to testify Tuesday was the owner of the bar, Leonard Lapido.

    Lapido said he was at the bar the night Clair got into a fight with the Kun brothers, who were visiting the bar that night with their mother.

    After the initial argument, the brothers and Clair were kicked out of the bar and their fight spilled into the parking lot, Lapido said.

    Clair's defense is that he was being attacked by the brothers and had no choice but to shoot them. 

    Clair's mother told WFTV if he hadn't fired, he would've ended up dead.

    However, much of the testimony went against Clair's claim that he fired in self-defense.

    Witnesses testified that Clair walked away and the brothers were walking back to the bar when Clair returned with a gun.

    According to witnesses, Clair shot them both and then pointed the gun at their mother when she ran to her sons, who were on the ground bleeding.

    "When the boys were down, (their mother) said, 'You shot my boys! You shot my boys!'" said witness Raymond Sapp. “He turned the gun to her and said, 'You want some of this, too?'"

    “Each one was shot once,” Lapido said. “But when they went down, (Clair) just emptied the gun right into them, both of them.”

    One witness said she performed CPR on one of the brothers moments after the shooting. She said the violence that night changed her life.

    “(It) doesn’t feel like anything is safe,” she said. “If I want to see my friends, I invite them over to my house.”

    It is unknown whether Clair will take the stand.

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    Witness: Suspect pointed gun at victims' mother as they lay bleeding