• Woman, 88, charged with assault on pregnant woman


    FLAGLER COUNTY, Fla. - In the 88 years Nayade Romeo has been alive, she said she's never been to jail.

    Deputies said the Flagler County woman struck her neighbor and his pregnant wife with her cane Tuesday night. The alleged attack was the culmination of a long-standing feud between the Romeos and their neighbors, the Smiths.

    During Romeo's first visit Tuesday night, she said she was treated with decency.

    "As a matter of fact, I didn't have a bad time in jail," Romeo said.

    Deputies say the feud erupted when Romeo was walking her dog and moved clothes off her lawn using her cane. The clothes belonged to her neighbor's kids.

    That's when deputies say she got into an argument with her neighbor, Scott Smith.

    Deputies said Smith's wife came outside to try and separate the two.

    "His wife came out and (grabbed) hold of my cane that I was holding with me," Romeo said.

    "They called and said, 'This old, psycho lady is at it again' and screaming, and the whole neighborhood is out. That's the embarrassing part," said Donald Romeo, Nayade's husband.

    Melissa Smith, the pregnant alleged victim told Eyewitness News she wants to resolve the matter privately with the Romeos.

    Nayade Romeo showed Channel 9 her cane and claims she can hardly raise it.

    She said knew her neighbor was pregnant and denies striking her.

    "No, no. I never walked towards her. I never left my lawn. No," Nayade Romeo said.

    Nayade Romeo has been charged with aggravated assault and aggravated assault on a pregnant woman. Both are felony charges.

    She said she plans to fight the charges in court.

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    Woman, 88, charged with assault on pregnant woman