• Woman caught between Apopka, county on who will pay for claim after pothole totals car

    By: Janine Reyes


    An Orange County woman is caught between the county and the city of Apopka on her insurance claim after a pothole totaled her car.

    Gina Wendorf said the car she loved and had almost paid off ended up totaled after a drive down Sandpiper Street on August 19.

    The potholes are filled in now, but the day before her drive, the city of Apopka filed an incident report about large pot holes, noting that Orange County would be in charge of the repairs.



    The city said in the meantime, they put cones around the holes, but some time between the 18th and 19th they were removed.

    “I did not see them, I drive down the road all the time and I just wasn’t expecting there to be two huge holes in the middle of the road,” Wendorf said.

    Her air bags deployed and her insurance company totaled the vehicle.

    “I had full coverage on my car, otherwise I wouldn’t have been compensated,” said Wendorf.

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    © 2019 Cox Media Group.

    Compensation did not include the final year of car payments, which she asked Apopka to cover.

    Their investigation determined the intersection is not within the city’s jurisdiction and sent her to the county.

    The county’s insurance adjuster told her Orange County will not be able to compensate for the claim because it doesn’t maintain the property.

    The county provided documents showing the county transferred the section of the road to Apopka in for maintenance in 2004.

    Wendorf said she just wants someone to take responsibility.

    “It’s hard to determine who is responsible, Apopka or Orange County, because it’s mixed there. But I’m in the middle, so it’s just not right,” she said.

    The city said had Wendorf called 911 after the incident, it may have helped clear up any jurisdiction issues.  

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