Woman escapes ‘violent sex predator' near Universal by biting him 'where it counts,' police say

A man was arrested Tuesday after he dragged a woman into a field and stripped of her clothes as she walked back to her hotel room near Universal Boulevard, according to the Orlando Police Department.
The woman was attacked Tuesday at about 3 a.m. near the Point Hotel on Carrier Drive and Lakehurst Drive as she walked home from the Brickhouse Tavern on International Drive, police said. 
Joseph Moore, 31, was arrested and charged with sexual battery, kidnapping and false.
They said the woman was able to break away from Moore after she severely bit her attacker in his genitals, drawing blood. 
She called 911 from a nearby hotel lobby. Police said the woman is visiting Orlando on a business trip.
“He managed to get her clothes off of her, took her cellphone, threw her cellphone down; there was a struggle. She was able to free herself from that struggle and make her way over to this hotel where she called 911,” Orlando police Lt. Jonathan Bigelow said. 
Police said Moore was found in a wooded area, and that he is a violent sexual predator from Illinois.  
They said the area is remote and known to be a place where transients camp.