• Deputies: Surveillance video shows man exposing self while looking in woman's window


    WINTER GARDEN, Fla. - Investigators arrested Kevin Thames Monday, based on what they saw coming from surveillance cameras outside a home.
    Thames was arrested after Orange County sheriff's investigators said a woman showed them surveillance video of him exposing himself and peeping in her windows.
    "How frightened are you by this guy?" Channel 9 reporter Steve Barrett asked Ruby Jones.
    "Oh, you won't believe," she said.
    Jones said the incident lasts about 25 minutes outside her Winter Garden home.

    "I heard a noise over toward the window," Jones said. "Once I heard the noise, I immediately ran back to the bedroom to look at the monitor."

    Raw: Man with exposed genitals looks in woman's windows

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    Jones said she a man with his genitals exposed lurking around the home.
    "All the way out. He had everything out and he was enjoying himself or whatever you want to call it while he's peering into the window," Jones said.
    Next, the man could be seen walking around the back of Jones' home after taking his shirt off. During the visit, the man can be seen checking the locked door and using a stool to get a look through a window.
    He's seen ducking at one point as a car passes and running away, then coming right back.
    "It leaves me frightened. Like last night, I couldn't sleep," Jones said. "I had a very uncomfortable night. I was up all night, checking the monitor and checking the monitor."
    On Monday, Jones' son spotted a man matching the peeping tom's description. He was hanging out with friends a few blocks away.
    "You know, I feel safer, because I didn't know it was happening to me, but I found out later it was happening to me also," resident Karen Jackman said.
    Barrett learned that Thames has been arrested more than a dozen times on charges including exposing himself to a child, burglaries coupled with battery on children and adults, voyeurism, stalking, resisting arrest and drug charges.
    Thames was in court Tuesday where a judge referenced the most recent arrest affidavit where family members feared his intent was rape.
    "I've got tell you, the nature of these charges and the facts -- really creepy, really scary. It never helps when you read the word rape in the affidavit," the  judge said.
    Thames was arrested several days after the video was captured, but just hours after Barrett found him and confronted him as he gathered with friends on a street corner.
    "I want to talk to you about something. I was looking at some video of you walking around a lady's house, stuff out and touching yourself," Barrett told Thames.
    "My stuff ain't out. That ain't me," Thames said.
    Thames is charged with attempted burglary. Investigators said they cannot charge him with exposing himself because it was only caught on camera and no one witness him doing it.
    Investigators said they may decide to add more charges later. Thames was being held on a $20,000 bond.

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