• Woman finds out during church sermon her husband is newly married


    ORLANDO, Fla. - It's not often that a marriage announcement in church lands the groom in jail, but that's exactly what happened to an Orange County man who already had a wife.

    Patrick Celicourt's wife of 22 years said she found out during a church service that her husband had married another woman, but apparently his deception did not stop there.

    The affidavit details how Celicourt went as far as to attempt to sell his family's home without telling them.

    Celicourt and his new wife apparently got a marriage license on March 9, but it's unclear when and where they wed.

    Celicourt's first wife claims she found out in church when the pastor announced it, leaving her "embarrassed and belittled."

    Channel 9 learned there have been few who have faced prosecution for bigamy in central Florida in recent years.

    Family law attorney Carlos Martin checked central Florida counties for cases dating back to 2000.

    "Only 14 defendants have been prosecuted for bigamy, and only one has been sentenced to any time -- nine months," he said.

    Patrick Celicourt is also charged with providing false official statements.

    "Since he's trying to get rid of marital possessions, that may be a reason why the prosecutor decides to go ahead and press charges," said Martin.

    Bigamy is a felony, and while Patrick Celicourt fights those charges, he and his first wife are now getting divorced. The second marriage is void, officials said.

    "The eyes of the law, they are not married. He's still married to the first person," said Martin.

    Celicourt could face up to five years in prison if convicted.

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