• Woman posing as nurse accused of robbing 64-year-old woman in home


    OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. - A disabled woman in Osceola County who was held up at gunpoint in her home by two people -- including a woman posing as a nurse -- took the stand Monday to tell jurors what happened.

    Jennifer Deliz is on trial for a December 2011 home invasion.

    The victim, Luz Caballero, 64, couldn't get through her testimony without breaking down in tears.

    Caballero said she's convinced the home invasion was an inside job. She told jurors a niece she had recently kicked out told the suspects about jewelry in the house.

    The niece said they could pull off the thefts by having someone pose as a nurse, Caballero said.

    Caballero cried as she walked jurors through an ordeal that began, prosecutors said, when Deliz rang her doorbell dressed in scrubs, claiming to be a nurse.

    Caballero was receiving home health care and didn't hesitate to open the door.

    "I asked her to close the door and [Deliz] said it was a nice day and to leave the door open," Caballero said.

    An interpreter helped Caballero explain what happened next.

    She said a man walked in moments afterward and pulled out a gun.

    "He said to shut up or he was going to blow my head off and this is a robbery," Caballero said.

    Caballero said she was thrown to the ground, then forced into her bathroom at gunpoint.

    She said she was locked inside as the robbers took $25,000 worth of jewelry given to her by her late husband over 36 years of marriage.

    "It was memories that he made for me and that's why it's so painful," Caballero said.

    But the robbers left something behind, a cellphone that police said led them straight to Deliz.

    Deliz's attorney told jurors Monday they simply have the wrong woman, but Caballero insisted Deliz was the person she thought had come to help her but terrorized her instead.

    "That's my greatest pain, that the things he got for me are gone," Caballero said.

    Caballero said once they had what they wanted, she heard one person say, "Let's go, it looks like the lady fainted or had a heart attack."

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    Woman posing as nurse accused of robbing 64-year-old woman in home