Woman removed from Frontier flight at OIA after bringing emotional support squirrel on board

A Frontier Airlines passenger at Orlando International Airport was removed from the plane by police after she tried to bring her emotional support squirrel on board.

The woman refused to get off the Cleveland-bound plane so the crew called police.

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Frontier Airlines officials said the woman noted in her reservation that she was bringing an emotional support animal, but did not indicate it was a squirrel.

Rodents, including squirrels, are not allowed on Frontier flights, officials said.




The crew asked the woman to get off the plane but she allegedly refused. Orlando police were called and asked everyone to be deplaned so they could deal with the woman.




Officers eventually escorted the passenger off the plane and brought her to the main terminal.

Video shows crowds cheering as she was taken off the plane.

The incident is one of many recent cases involving emotional support animals on planes.

In another case, a woman tried to get an emotional support peacock through security at Newark.

In the last year, all the major airlines have changed their policies for bringing animals into the cabin.

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Most airlines require a note from a doctor, advanced notification and the animal’s vaccine records.

Most airlines have also restricted which types of support animals are allowed on board.

Delta for example has banned goats, hedgehogs and any animals with horns.