• Woman who lost legs in Boston bombing back in Orlando for prosthetic fittings


    ORLANDO, Fla. - A woman who was badly injured in the Boston bombing is back in Orlando for another fitting on her dual prosthetic legs.

    Celeste Corcoran, 48, lost both legs when the first bomb exploded. Viral images from that day show Corcoran's husband, Kevin, kneeling next to his wife.

    The Corcorans, of Lowell, Mass., were waiting for a family member to finish the Boston Marathon when the first blast went off on April 15.

    "As I went down to look at her arms, further down, (her) legs (were) severely impacted and blood (was) all over the sidewalk," Kevin Corcoran said.

    Also on the sidewalk was his daughter, 18-year-old Sydney, clinging to life with a serious wound -- her femoral artery was severed.

    "I could feel warmth and blood leaving my body; I remember feeling tingly, cold," Sydney said.

    The Corcorans said memories of that day are vivid.

    While the family doesn't understand why the bombers did it, they said they are focused on hope, which took a big step forward in July when Celeste got fitted in Orlando for new prosthetic legs.

    "That horrific incident took my legs, but it didn't take me," Celeste said.

    With a family Celeste calls her "rock," she is back on her "new" two feet.

    "I want my life back," Celeste said.

    And Stan Patterson of Prosthetics and Orthotics Associates is helping her accomplish that.

    "Those were beautiful steps," Patterson said.

    The family experienced tears of joy, not sorrow after she was fitted this week with the latest high-tech computerized prosthetic that uses a gyroscope to help her balance.

    Celeste hopes to soon get back to her job as a hair stylist.

    Through it all, she said there is some good.

    Celeste said she is even closer with her family and has met wonderful people and organizations, like 50Legs.org.

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    Woman who lost legs in Boston bombing back in Orlando for prosthetic fittings