• Woman's dog fatally shot by deputies responding to call


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - A Tymber Skan condominiums resident told Eyewitness News that a call to authorities for help ended with her dog being shot and killed by a deputy.

    Deborah Jones said her 4-year-old pit bull was in his home when Orange County deputies kicked the door in, and fatally shot the dog.

    "They had to shoot my dog for no reason. They kicked my door in. I can't even lock my door," Jones said.

    Jones said she left her home Sunday morning, and when she returned, she found deputies surrounding her home and a paper authorizing the county to pick up her dog's body.

    "My dog was right here dead. They wrapped him up with a blanket," Jones said.

    Jones said had called for help earlier in the day when she and her boyfriend had an argument. Jones said the Sheriff's Office responded after she left.

    A public information officer said that because of the nature of the call, deputies had to force their way in and the dog, named Itchygo, charged at them once they got in.

    Itchygo was home alone.

    "That's his house. This is his house. He's got to protect this house," said Jones' daughter, Kita Williams.

    Williams said since no one was home, neighbors who saw the shooting told them what happened.

    Neighbors said they told deputies no one was home, but they went in anyway.

    "If three neighbors are telling the officers no one's here, that don't give you proper cause to continue coming in," said Williams.

    Deputies said because they never received another call to cancel the response, they had to respond urgently.

    Williams said she is concerned for her mother's safety living in the troubled Tymber Skan complex without Itcygo to protect her. 

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