• Zimmerman trial enticing tourists to Sanford


    SANFORD, Fla. - More than 11 hours have passed, and the jury is still deliberating in the second-degree George Zimmerman murder trial.

    Outside the courthouse, more demonstrators have shown up and small groups continue to show support for either side.

    People from all over central Florida interested in the Zimmerman case and interested in the passionate demonstrators gathered to wait for the verdict stopped by to watch in person.

    Some people have changed their vacations and joined the crowds just to see what's going on at the courthouse.

    People from as far away as Europe and people who were on their way to Disney made detours to check it out.

    They're calling it a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see history unfold in Sanford.

    "Trial tourists" were snapping photos in the media village set up to cover the trial.

    "We pulled in and all the tents and everything, it's just like, wow, it's impressive," said Bradley Griese of Daytona Beach.

    "I was also surprised at the tents and the elaborate studios and RVs, and I don't know why I was surprised because every news outlet in the country is here but it's interesting," said David Johnson of north Florida.

    Others were observing from the sidewalk surrounding the grassy demonstration area.

    "Obviously this is big local news and we were just in the area so we thought we'd see what's going on, how it's turning out and what's here today," said Keith Lehmann of Altamonte Springs.

    "It's the biggest news story in the country right now, it's about two hours from my back door so I thought I'd come down and see what's going on," Johnson said.

    All agreed while the case is tragic, the verdict will be historic and the courthouse is a front-row view.

    "I just think it's kind of a landmark case and we live so close to it that we figured we'd come and be present for some potential history," Griese said.

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    Zimmerman trial enticing tourists to Sanford