• Extra: Zimmerman trial juror profiles


    Six jurors and four alternates have been chosen to serve on the jury in George Zimmerman's second-degree murder trial. Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty in the shooting death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

    Juror Profiles

    B29: Juror B29 is a Hispanic woman who works overnight at a nursing home.  She lived in Chicago when the shooting happened and has several children. 

    B76: Juror B76 is a white, middle-aged woman who heard about case on the news. She called it a "great opportunity" to serve on jury and "wants a fair trial."

    B37: Juror B37 is a white woman in her 30s. She has three dogs, four cats and a parrot. She also works at a chiropractic office and doesn't watch TV. She spends her time rescuing wildlife and said the trial is a state burden. She also thinks concealed weapons training is not adequate.

    B51: Juror B51 is a white, middle-aged woman who is retired. She said she has an opinion and is not close minded. She said she remembers police saying Zimmerman should wait but didn't. She said it's "good to know we can consider bias."

    E6: Juror E6 is a white woman her mid-30's. A preemptory challenge on her by the state was denied.  She used to work in financial services, and said she doesn't know enough of the facts to form an opinion.

    E40: Juror E40 is a white, middle-aged woman who said she is a lawyer at heart. She also said she could steer jurors to only consider evidence set forth in court.  You have a "responsibility if you bare arms," she said.

    Alternate Profiles

    E54: Alternate juror E54 is a middle-aged white man with a teenage step-son. The man said he remembered seeing photos of injuries to Zimmerman's head and face, and he wondered why charges weren't filed for so long. He also said his step-son wears hooded sweatshirts similar to the one worn by Martin the night of the shooting.

    B72: Alternate juror B72 is a Hispanic man in his 20s or 30s. He's a professional arm wrestler who can do a one-armed pull-up, and he said he doesn't usually feel sympathy.  He has no close relationships. UPDATE: B72 has been dismissed.

    E13: Alternate juror E13 is younger white woman who is currently a college student. She works two jobs and rides horses in her spare time.

    E28: Alternate juror E28 is a middle-aged white woman who claimed to know little of the case. She went on to say she has no opinions as to whether Zimmerman is guilty.

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    Extra: Zimmerman trial juror profiles