• Rachel Jeantel interviews with CNN's Piers Morgan


    SANFORD, Fla. - Rachel Jeantel was asked by CNN's Piers Morgan whether she thought race was a factor in George Zimmerman's decision to follow Trayvon Martin prior to their fight.
    "It was racial," she said. "Let's be honest. Racial. If he were white, if Trayvon was white and he had a hoodie on, what would happen?"
    She noted that the altercation happened in the early evening, when many people are out walking their dogs or doing other things.
    Morgan played back a recording of the juror's comments to CNN about Jeantel's education level and speech, and the witness said it made her sad and angry. Jeantel, who is black, said she also had a feeling that the jury would return a not-guilty verdict.
    "They're white," she said of the jury at one point. "Well, one Hispanic, but she's stuck in the middle. I had a feeling it was going to be a 'not guilty.''
    While the court did not release the racial makeup of the jury, the panel appeared to reporters covering jury selection to be made up of five white women and a sixth who may be Hispanic.

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    Rachel Jeantel interviews with CNN's Piers Morgan