• Spain celebrates national day with royal and military pomp

    MADRID (AP) - A royal parade and military fanfare are taking place in Madrid on Spain's National Day, an annual public holiday that provides a cue for nationwide displays of pomp and patriotism.

    King Felipe VI, wearing military uniform, and Queen Letizia were driven Friday in a Rolls Royce down one of the capital's main avenues, flanked by cavalry. People waving yellow-and-red Spanish flags lined the street.

    Rain though halted a Spanish Air Force flyover.

    Catalan leaders, who are demanding independence for the wealthy northeastern region stayed away from ceremonies in Barcelona - as usual.

    They have also snubbed King Felipe, who has spoken out against Catalonian independence. Catalonia's mostly pro-independence parliament passed a motion Thursday calling for the abolition of the monarchy.

    Several thousand people joined a unionist parade in downtown Barcelona.

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